Our Story

It was the summer of 2010 and Hilary Rossi and business partner Rachael Musico were looking for a space for their catering company. They found the perfect spot, a former pizzeria at 2163 Abbott Street, just a block from Dog Beach and an easy location from which to cater.

Hilary, an industry professional, was inspired by the building’s history. “Why not?” she thought. “I would love to share my pizzas with my San Diego community. Plus, we can add a bakery to the mix and create a confectionary playground for Rachael, to offer fresh treats for dessert.” Thus, Surf Rider Pizza Co. was born, with the simple goal of serving up delicious, authentic East Coast-style slices and crave-worthy baked goods, while becoming an integral and supportive member of the neighborhood.

Since joining with ANI in 2015, Surf Rider Pizza Co. has grown. Hilary is now Senior VP of Food and Beverage, and is in the process of opening three more Surf Rider Pizza Co. locations. Rachael Musico is Head Pastry Chef for all of The Patio Group restaurants, cafes and catering.

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