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We Cheesesteak Seriously

If there is one thing we pride ourselves on at the Surf Rider Pizza Cafe, it is bringing quality east coast pizza to Ocean Beach. Well guess what? We don’t just stop at pizza when you need your east coast craving because we also make a kick ass cheesesteak. It is possibly the finest cheesesteak outside of Philly, if we do say so ourselves.

The cheesesteak itself was a delicious accident invented in the 1930’s by a south Philly hotdog vendor. He decided to grill some beef and put it on an Italian roll as a cab driver caught a whiff and came back asking for the now famous steak sandwich. Just as that cab driver caught a whiff of this delicious sandwich, I promise our scent is just as mesmerizing.

80 years later, the cheesesteak has gained international fame making it one of Philly’s most famous exports and one of our favorite sandwiches. When it comes to cheesesteak we accept no substitutions and get our 12” rolls shipped from the famous Amoroso Rolls in Philly. Amoroso has been making rolls since 1904, so they know their rolls. While San Diego is great at a lot of things, we’ll leave this to Philly.

If you love authentic cheesesteak sandwiches, you have to try one of these. Made traditionally with steak, grilled onion, mushrooms, & green peppers, our classic cheesesteak is sure to please any appetite. If you are looking to step outside of the box and be more adventurous with your cheesesteak, try it with chicken! We also offer other variations of awesome cheesesteaks served with BBQ sauce, Buffalo Sauce, A Dirty Jalapeño Sauce or even and Italian sausage version with green peppers, onions, sauce, & mozzarella.

All of our ingredients are the freshest and finest and you can really taste the difference when you bite into one of our delicious handmade cheesesteaks.

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