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Surf Rider loves Bear Republic Brewing Company!

There are few things in this world that make up a perfect combination when they are brought together but we can say that Surf Rider Pizza and Bear Republic Brewing are one of those delightful pairings! A combination of both pizza and beer will make both your tummy and heart happy! Use a cold Bear Republic IPA to wash down every last bite of pizza at Surf Rider and your day will be made!

While you can choose any beer to have with your pizza; what matters most is selecting the best beer that will not let you down, like Bear Republic Brewing Company. Their beer must have special powers, and when paired with any of our pizzas, the feeling can only be described as divine. Pizza & Beer can lift you up when you are down and will always bring smiles on your face when things are not working out. Pizza and beer will never let you down!

At Surf Rider Pizza Cafe, you will be spoilt of choices to make in terms of filling your stomach. This is because there are so many awesome meals that you can select from our menu. The choices range from specialty pies, hand tossed pizza pie, stromboli and pizza slices. Not only are they tasty but they are made with the finest freshest ingredients. After ordering one of these from the menu, the next thing that you should get is cold Bear Republic Brew.

Believe me when we say you won’t be disappointed!

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