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Have you Stromboli’d?

Do you love pizza? I know you do. Everyone loves it! Now, I want to bring to your knowledge something unique yet tasty and yummy, the Stromboli! The Stromboli is kind of like a type of turnover filled with various cheeses and Italian meats or vegetables. The dough used is either Italian bread dough or pizza dough. Much like the pizza, the Stromboli is customizable in that you can use different meats, sauces, herbs and cheeses to make it. In case though, we want to talk about how bomb our BBQ Chicken Stromboli is and why you need to be eating one.

The BBQ Chicken Stromboli is a California twist on classic pizza flavors and textures. As always we only use the finest and freshest ingredients available and it comes through in our food. Filled with Roasted Chicken, Red Onion.Gorgonzola, White American cheese, Mozzarella, Cilantro, & BBQ Sauce the BBQ Chicken Stromboli makes a fantastic meal anytime of the day! These ingredients are prepared together with the sauces are then wrapped inside a pizza dough and baked fresh. The Stromboli serves 2 to 3 people per serving!

Are you planning to have a party or a get together with friends and family? And perhaps you do not have all the time to make the Stromboli at home, or you are just not fond of cooking. Then, Surf Rider Pizza Café is the place to go. Here you can get all the BBQ chicken Stromboli that your heart desires, and feed your friends and fam! If you just love pizza, make sure to stop by and savor this delicious meal at a pocket-friendly price.

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