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Discover the Magic of the Crusted Oreo Cheesecake

Smooth and creamy, gelatin-free and flavored, there's no denying that Oreo Cheesecake is one of the most enticing, tempting and alluring cheese-based snacks. What's more, it is always a novelty when combined with specialty coffee drinks, hot tea or Italian soda. But is that all? Hardly. An Oreo cheesecake slice is more than a little piece of uber heaven. It combines the allure of a crushed and finely-grounded Oreo base and the delicacy of a baked cheesecake to give rise to a sumptuous masterpiece. If anything, nothing brings out the best of sugar, cheese, well-blended vanilla in a single slice like the Oreo cheesecake does.

The Fillings

Like any other delicious crusted cake, the Oreo makes use of four main fillings. This also applies to the Oreo cookies. We are talking about powdered sugar, high-quality skimmed cream cheese, the cookies, and real whipped cream. When done right, like the way we do them, the overall texture is unbelievably creamy, the flavor's perfect and aesthetics light. Particularly if the whole thing is done in a 9-inch cheesecake pan with a spring form.


Oreo Cheesecake is best served with a bonus dollop of tantalizing whipped cream, and alongside pieces of Oreo cookie, and without forgetting, the all inspiring chocolate fudge sauce. In other words, the dessert is more or less like a little piece of peace on a plate. Perfectly crafted for your next dinner party, date-night-in, barbecue, anniversary celebration or simply as a reward snack. Yes, that snack that you reward yourself with after a hard, arduous week of smashing goals and targets. In fact, these cheesecake is so delicious that you don't even need any special reason to eat it, especially if you have a sweet tooth and a soft spot for cheese. It can also be an excellent alternative to conventional cookies and blandly-baked cakes.

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