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Dirty Cheesesteak

Of all the foods people crave, very few reach the demand for a dirty cheesesteak. The ingredients might be the same in most instances, but the method of preparation and adherence to cooking time periods different the best dirty cheesesteak from an average counterpart. We make our cheesesteak from fresh bread, meat, and cheese to give you the perfect nutritional balance as well as a tasty feeling. You can feel the juicy thin-cut beef twirl in your mouth with the added salty and gooey flavor complementing the crusty taste from the bread.

There are reasons as to why this is the best dirty cheesesteak on the market. These include;

Natural Ingredients

Some restaurants go overboard with their ingredients in a bid to impress the customer with the hope of loyalty in return. However, people are more vigilant regarding ingredients in their food that might do more damage than good to their body regardless of the sweetness of the food in discussion. Our cheesesteak is made from natural and readily available ingredients to not only fill your belly but also add some nutritional value to your body.

Our ingredients include mushrooms, green peppers, and grilled onions. These ingredients are both natural and readily available, but we only work with the freshest for a distinct and original flavor. Of course, there is meat and bread to complete the dirty cheesesteak and give it a delicious meaty taste.

Chopped Meat

Did you know that chopped meat is better than sliced meat by far? We use browned and griddle-chopped meat instead of the usual sliced meat to ensure that the beef has less moisture. Also, sliced meat is often left out to dry and shrivel, which reduces its flavor. Instead of browning in its juices, our meat can easily be steamed into a stiff pile.

Saved by Cheese

Seeing that we do not produce our own meat, it is hard to find a meat vendor with the perfect batch for our dirty cheesesteak. As a result, our secret cheese flavor is the saving grace that adds a salty taste and acts as the perfect beef seasoning. Add the flavor emanating from the onions and other ingredients and this delicious dirty cheesesteak is sure to melt in your mouth, leave a lasting taste, and a desire to come back for more.

In Closing

Our dirty cheesesteak is made from natural ingredients, and our meat is handpicked to ensure the flavor remains consistent. The onions are chopped into bite-size pieces and are both evenly distributed and tender. Try it today!

SOURCE: Surf Rider Pizza, Bon Appetit

COPYRIGHT: Local Value

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