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Cream Cheese Brownies

There's no denying that there are many types of brownies out there. However, cream cheese brownies stand out remarkably out of the crowd. And this is mostly because they combine fudge-like and dense brownie with a convenient cream cheese topping. Take a bite into any of this, and you're likely to notice that the tanginess of the coating by the cream cheese tempers ever so nicely ( almost perfectly ) with the extra deep richness of the underlying chocolate brownie. Simply put, the cream cheese brownie is the ideal way of enjoying a cheesecake and brownie at the same time, without losing any of the unique perks from either party.

Unlike the average brownie, our cream cheese brownie is made without any artificial leavening. This way, the result is a compact brownie with a fudgy and dense texture. As expected, the main ingredient in this cheesecake is skimmed cream cheese. This means two things: One, apart from a fruity combination of peanut butter and chocolate, cream cheese and chocolate is the next highly addictive dessert. What's more, compared to the Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake, our cream cheese brownie is more of well-baked brownies with delicious swirls of tempting cheesecake revolving around it. 

Bonus Brownie Points

Since we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the average version, we typically marble the cheesecake to give you that crustiness that so much dearly crave for in desserts. This way, you can relish every sinful bit of this snacking decadence without worrying about the mushiness that most brownies tend to have. 

The Accompaniments

Cream cheese brownies are an excellent accompaniment of a majority of beverages and soft drinks. They can also take center stage in most tea parties, wine-tasting carnivals, family and friends get-togethers among others. In other words, these two adored classics in the dessert world come together in this super brownie to give rise to a tantalizing any-time-any-where snack. 

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