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Cheese Pizza- Maybe Going Toppings-Free is not that Bad After All

Maybe you like a little more cheese on your pizza. Or you maybe you have a soft spot for cheese-stuffed-crust pizza that mostly comes along with three kinds of cheese and a side-dish of sauce as an accompaniment. Whichever way that you choose to look at it, Cheese Pizza is without a doubt both the bane and boon of the modern snacking culture. In fact, it is widely considered a cuisine taboo for a fully-grown adult to crave this palate-enticing delicacy. But still, forbidden fruit tastes sweetest, and this makes cheese pizza even more tempting particularly in the pizza-consuming domain.

The Perfect Pizza?

A perfect ideal piece of cheese pizza is devoid of toppings. We are not surprised - toppings are overrated. If anything, the most overrated part of the perfect pizza equation. A simple restraint can catapult you to imaginable heights, and the cheese pizza is a delicious testament of this. Well, we are not saying that pizza toppings are necessarily a nuisance. Some like pepperoni, Boboli crusts, anchovies, and sausage actually do a lot to spice up an otherwise bland half-baked, mediocre pizza.

A Toppings-free Pizza

Nonetheless, cheese pizza is in a league of its own. Whether it is the best or not; that it pretty much debatable. One thing remains indisputable, though. Every time you order that 'average' awful pizza that it is not cheese pizza, the cheese is usually grossly overwhelmed by the unwelcome avalanche of haphazard toppings. Regardless of whether it is pepperoni or the milky mozzarella, toppings have a queer way of taking away the magic allure of this Italian bred delicacy. It is only in plain cheese pizza that there is an undiluted flavor epiphany made up of just sauce, crust, and cheese. And this flavor can only be revealed if it is unobstructed by the regular clumsy interlopers in the name of toppings.

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