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Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker did not scoop the Best Mid-Size Brewery award at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) out of luck or anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, it is an honor most breweries crave seeing that it is among the highest. That is not the only award this revered brewery has bagged; Firestone Walker also has collected an award under the same name on the global stage at the World Beer Cup for four times in three years. All beer lovers know that it is quality rather than quantity that provides that smooth sensational feeling elicited by well-brewed beer.

Unlike many other beers that focus on an individual brand, Firestone Walker boasts of five brews, which I must admit will give you a tough choice when trying to settle on one brand. Enjoy any of these brands at your home on a sunny afternoon with barbecue and friends. Also, you have it out with pizza; nothing compliments the crunchy seasoned taste of pizza more than a cold Firestone Walker fresh out the fridge.

So what makes Firestone Walker the ideal beer for you? Let’s look at some of its brands.

Double Barrel Ale

Commonly known as DBA, this beer was the first to be manufactured by Firestone Walker. It has collected the GABF award once (2012) as well as numerous other medals over the years since its invention. Seeing that it was the first brew from the company, it is a good idea to try it as your first beer from Firestone if you haven’t tasted these beauties. This brew is fermented in oak barrels and mixed with beer fermented in stainless steel barrels to give a pale British flavor to your taste buds.

Easy Jack

This 4.5 % ABV beer is dry-hopped with Mosaic, Halltertau Melon, and Bavarian Mandarina to elicit a citrus whiff that compliments its natural flavor. It was the first beer from Firestone Walker to be introduced into the IPA trend and has fared very well in that regard considering its flavor sounds different from most IPA’s on the market.


Parabola is a Russian stout made out of bourbon, vanilla, and coffee. This gorgeous mix gives this product a smooth feel as it goes down your throat and a very sweet aftertaste. It’s no wonder the distribution of this particular brand is limited, and it can be tough to find. However, be careful with this one as it has an alcohol percentage of 14% ABV.


The brews mentioned above are just but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beers produced by the Firestone Walker brothers. Other include Velvet Merkin, The Lion and Bear series, Anniversary Ale, Leo vs. Ursus cans, and the proprietor vintage series, where the Parabola originates. Whatever your choice, you can be sure to get a great taste and a relaxing feel from all Firestone Walker brews.

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21st Amendment Brewery Beer and Pizza – The perfect meal

Welcome to Surf Rider Pizza Café, San Diego’s premier East Coast style pizza place. Surf Rider Pizza Cafe simply has one main goal: to bring you the magnificent East Coast-style pizza and grub right here in San Diego! East Coast-style, thin-crusted, 18" pizza is our specialty. Apart from our serving of the "sugary goodness" found…
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Surf & Stone Brewery!

Craft beer is something that should be enjoyed in a particular setting for the best results and no one understands this better than Surf Rider Pizza Café. As a place that provides the essential East Coast flavor to a pizza place, the same establishment carries a range of local craft beers. But, because of the dedication and attention to detail that marks Surf Rider Pizza offering, as well as any other thing on the menu, the choice of beer is anything but standard or boring. Instead, it offers a chance for any beer aficionado to enjoy their visit with all of their senses.

To make sure the same is achieved, the restaurant’s beer tap system carries more than 10 craft beer brands, all full of distinct tastes and a whole lot of personality. In the selection, Stone Brewery is one of the most prominent choices for any guest. Established in 1996 in San Marcos, CA, it is one of the biggest craft breweries in the southern part of the state, while it ranks in the top 10 out of all similar companies in the US. The company offers several spectacular lines of their product and all of them go fabulously with one or more pizza offered by the Surf Rider’s kitchen.

Probably the most famous beer by Stone Brewery is Stone Pale Ale, which blends perfectly with the Bacon Rider pizza. This dish comes with plenty of garlic, gorgonzola, white sauce, and of course bacon, which is why a cold pale ale will improve the taste immeasurably. On the other hand, a lot milder Feta Veggie Special made with feta sauce, black olives, and green peppers will mix brilliantly with Stone Cali-Belgique IPA, a stronger line from the Stone Brewery. Finally, the Stone Delicious IPA has to be tried with Cheese Surf Rider Pizza, which will provide the quintessential East Coast no-nonsense pizza and beer experience.

With these options, but also many more ones, it is clear why anyone who appreciates a nice pint of craft beer would just love Surf Rider Pizza Café.

Source: Stone Brewing

Surf Rider loves Bear Republic Brewing Company!

There are few things in this world that make up a perfect combination when they are brought together but we can say that Surf Rider Pizza and Bear Republic Brewing are one of those delightful pairings! A combination of both pizza and beer will make both your tummy and heart happy! Use a cold Bear Republic IPA to wash down every last bite of pizza at Surf Rider and your day will be made!

While you can choose any beer to have with your pizza; what matters most is selecting the best beer that will not let you down, like Bear Republic Brewing Company. Their beer must have special powers, and when paired with any of our pizzas, the feeling can only be described as divine. Pizza & Beer can lift you up when you are down and will always bring smiles on your face when things are not working out. Pizza and beer will never let you down!

At Surf Rider Pizza Cafe, you will be spoilt of choices to make in terms of filling your stomach. This is because there are so many awesome meals that you can select from our menu. The choices range from specialty pies, hand tossed pizza pie, stromboli and pizza slices. Not only are they tasty but they are made with the finest freshest ingredients. After ordering one of these from the menu, the next thing that you should get is cold Bear Republic Brew.

Believe me when we say you won’t be disappointed!

Reference Bear Republic

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