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Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich

Ask any foodie, and they will gladly confirm to you that Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich is not only a delicious, wholesome snack but also very nutritious and tasty. Its goodness - as it can be confirmed by any Surf Rider Pizza enthusiasts - cuts across all divides, even those who have decided to live red-meat-free for one reason or another. It is one of the few sandwiches snacks that comes in handy when you're simply in the mood for something in your daily breakfast hoagie roll. 

Infused with Chicken Goodness 

Where as the conventional beef rendition of meaty sandwiches is enough to warrant a destination trek for most people, a quick Chickensteak Sandwich satisfies the cravings and is still more than your usual convenience junk food. And, as if to confirm this to you, they come in two main styles/forms.

1. Whole Meat Chunks - These will cater to those among us who are in the search for a meaty bite. 

2. Chopped Option - It is more than your usual juicy experience with ordinary sandwiches. At Surf Rider Pizza, we typically slice them to perfection. 

All in all, despite those two main variants, buffalo chicken cheesesteak sandwich served at Surf Rider Pizza retains the signature twist that features a combination of hot sauce, blue cheese in between slices of bread and chicken wings. 

Our buffalo chicken cheesesteak forms an excellent accompaniment to a variety of dishes. 

A good, popular and typical example of this would be a refreshing and freshly prepared vinegar coleslaw. As you might have noticed, the buffalo chicken steak is decadent and rice. And to assist is offsetting this huge amount of calories and protein in it, the raw nutrients and fiber from a raw slaw vegetable salad would go a long way in this quest. Don't also forget that the vinegar will add that refreshing 'vegetable' aspect to the otherwise meaty Buffalo cheesesteak hence, in other words, balancing it off properly. 

Other side dishes that can be used to compartmentalize and complement our buffalo chicken cheesesteak include the likes of caramelized red onions and pears. The mellow and dark sweetness of such a dish will play right into the yumminess and meaty nature of a rich buffalo chicken cheesesteak dinner. Our chef also recommends that you add a bit of creamed swiss chard in this dish. The fibrous spinach will give an otherwise creamy dish that distinctive chew.

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