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Ballast point beer is an embodiment of excellence at its finest. In fact, any ardent beer lover would easily argue that the award-winning and multi-faceted Sculpin India Pale Ale, which is one of the leading variants under Ballast Point Brewery Co. does not need any improvements whatsoever. The makers and brewers behind this smooth and awesomely irresistible beer have without a doubt refined the philosophy or mantra of 'doing what exactly we love and making only what we like drinking' quite impressively. And it's no wonder that they love fishing, explains the creative, smart and fishing-related brand names and inspiring artwork that is engraved on each bottle. The artwork, according to a leading brand ambassador of the beer, goes by the name Paul Elder who has an extensive background in fishing. 

Ballast Point Beers, like most stout and ale manufacturers, puts out at least six year-round different and unique offerings. Three of these are primarily pale malts. They also have a scattering of delicious seasonals and offer an almost similar number liquor spirits through their inbuilt micro-distillery. 

One of their leading ales - Sculpin - is one of the favorite beers among the company's collection. Thanks to its ample carbonation, it has a distinctive citrusy note that can be said to be subtle but vividly present. Overall, subtlety is the trademark of the Sculpin Ballast Point Beer here. Nothing about its flavor profile can be said to overpower the other. Instead, almost everything in a bottle/can of Ballast Point Beer works in perfect harmonious synchronicity. 

Truth be told, ask any hotelier or restaurateur, and they will easily tell you that there's no such thing as the 'perfect beer.' Every ale, stout or keg ever produced has its own unique and distinctive highs and lows. But the Ballast Point Beer collection has a notable IPA rating that is almost impossible for one not to notice. It's no secret that a majority of us prefer a beer with a feeling of 'ampleness' or 'body.' Something that literally lasts and lingers on the tongue. This is exactly the taste signature that Ballast Point Beers will convey. 

Finally, unlike other hordes of foreign beers, the main ingredients of the Ballast Point Beer collection are sourced locally. The parent brewing company, which has roots in San Diego, California, will source every pint of water, every pound of hops and barley from locally reared farms and thus you're assured of 100% impurity-free ingredients. All of this will then add up and give rise to a great-tasting, quality beer.

SOURCE: Ballast Point

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