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Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza

The Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza is without a doubt quite a scrumptious and delicious snack. And thanks to its light, not-so-heavy-on-the-stomach nature, it's the perfect delicacy for parties, tailgating or just a simple, quick dinner. For Pizza lovers, if you have never had a heavenly bite of this, then this is one pizza piece that you ought to try soon. The combination of grilled chicken, ranch dressing, and salted & smoked bacon crumbles have never tasted this good. What's more, it is often topped up with 100% mozzarella cheese goodness. 

That being said, there are several things about this pizza that you ought to know. 

1. The Delicious and Tantalizing Chicken Connection 

Chicken lovers know that whether this delicacy is served together with warm soup and noodles or deep fried the 'Kentucky style' to that amazing finger-lickin' refinement, chicken is without a doubt a go-to meat regardless of the occasion, time of the day or season of the year. Now, almost each part of this oldest-to-be domesticated bird is perfectly edible. And the mild flavor profile that it boasts of will flawlessly adapt to any cuisine, whether foreign or local. Now, the same quality of chicken is transferred in this finger-licking good pizza, and the result is nothing but heavenly tantalizing. 

2. The 'Meat' of the Pizza 

It comprises of a crust of refrigerated pizza that is topped with an equally marvelous cream bacon and cheese-ranch sauce. The sauce comes in place of the regular tomato pizza sauce and is then covered in cheese, chicken, and bacon bits. 

And if you are wondering how we came up with such an all-around pizza, then here is a quick preview: The pizza dough is tossed, pressed and rolled into a preset desired shape. The resulting shape is then spread evenly with olive oil before garnished/crushed garlic is introduced. Mozzarella is added and topped with shredded bacon and chicken. Of course, we have to bake it in an oven until the attached mozzarella starts to bubble. And so that to satisfy your exquisite tastes, the mozzarella is baked further until it turns golden brown and crusty. 

3. The Accompaniments

Usually, one can enjoy this delicious pie by itself without any implications on its palatability. Nonetheless, it is the stingy, saucy and subtle cheese toppings that bring out the best of this chicken bacon ranch pizza. Other nice accompaniments include additives such as roasted lemony asparagus, cranberry Brussels caramelized sprouts, and spicy bacon roasted broccoli. Any fruit salad with an edgy taste can also furnish.

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