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A Close Look at Modern Times Beers

There's an old German saying that quips, 'Nothing a man loves more than his beer.' Well, Modern Times Beers are the embodiment of the feeling of serenity mixed with a sense of contentment when one of them is in your hands.

Each beer boasts a different taste all unique and none comparable to the other. The reason for this is not only the various ingredients used in making these brews but the process utilized by the company in their manufacturing as well. Every ingredient compliments the other to make Modern Times Beers not only authentic but rich in taste as well. Even flavors under the same category such as malt, have a variety of options for you to consider.Here are some of the beers;

Here are some of the beers;

Core cans

A road trip is not complete without a set of beer cans for everybody except the driver. Road trips aside, picnics, barbecues or even outdoor gatherings have all benefited from the introduction of canned beers. Modern Times Beer Core Cans are available throughout the year and come in a variety of flavors.

These range from Lomaland, Fortunate Islands, Black House, Blazing World, and Fruitlands. Each of these canned beers provides a different experience, and their ingredients are natural to offer a rich taste.Seasonal


Some of our beers are also seasonal such as the Booming Rollers, City of the Sun, Oneida, and Critical Band. They say that the good things come to those who wait, there is a reason the brands are available only at certain times of the year. Nonetheless, each of them has a distinctive flavor such as the Citra hops in Booming Rollers and the sharp fruity tang of the City of the Sun.

Special Release

Other than all year cans and the seasonal beers, we also have special offers. These are the beer flavors that are just entering the market. Every beer is meant to have a signature taste, as such, our special release category contains numerous beer flavors, and still, each is dissimilar. These include; New Harmony, Mega Black House, Phalanx, Orderville, Lost Horizon, Roraima, Lake of Dreams, Neverwhere, Monster’s Park, And Universal Friend just to mention a few.


Other than the canned options, we also have year-round as well as monthly release 22oz bottles. As you can see, our team is always working to give you a beer that you will fall in love with completely. Try any of our flavors today; Modern Times Beer is guaranteed to blow your mind.

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