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Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker did not scoop the Best Mid-Size Brewery award at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) out of luck or anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, it is an honor most breweries crave seeing that it is among the highest. That is not the only award this revered brewery has bagged; Firestone Walker also has collected an award under the same name on the global stage at the World Beer Cup for four times in three years. All beer lovers know that it is quality rather than quantity that provides that smooth sensational feeling elicited by well-brewed beer.

Unlike many other beers that focus on an individual brand, Firestone Walker boasts of five brews, which I must admit will give you a tough choice when trying to settle on one brand. Enjoy any of these brands at your home on a sunny afternoon with barbecue and friends. Also, you have it out with pizza; nothing compliments the crunchy seasoned taste of pizza more than a cold Firestone Walker fresh out the fridge.

So what makes Firestone Walker the ideal beer for you? Let’s look at some of its brands.

Double Barrel Ale

Commonly known as DBA, this beer was the first to be manufactured by Firestone Walker. It has collected the GABF award once (2012) as well as numerous other medals over the years since its invention. Seeing that it was the first brew from the company, it is a good idea to try it as your first beer from Firestone if you haven’t tasted these beauties. This brew is fermented in oak barrels and mixed with beer fermented in stainless steel barrels to give a pale British flavor to your taste buds.

Easy Jack

This 4.5 % ABV beer is dry-hopped with Mosaic, Halltertau Melon, and Bavarian Mandarina to elicit a citrus whiff that compliments its natural flavor. It was the first beer from Firestone Walker to be introduced into the IPA trend and has fared very well in that regard considering its flavor sounds different from most IPA’s on the market.


Parabola is a Russian stout made out of bourbon, vanilla, and coffee. This gorgeous mix gives this product a smooth feel as it goes down your throat and a very sweet aftertaste. It’s no wonder the distribution of this particular brand is limited, and it can be tough to find. However, be careful with this one as it has an alcohol percentage of 14% ABV.


The brews mentioned above are just but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beers produced by the Firestone Walker brothers. Other include Velvet Merkin, The Lion and Bear series, Anniversary Ale, Leo vs. Ursus cans, and the proprietor vintage series, where the Parabola originates. Whatever your choice, you can be sure to get a great taste and a relaxing feel from all Firestone Walker brews.

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Cheese Pizza- Maybe Going Toppings-Free is not that Bad After All

Maybe you like a little more cheese on your pizza. Or you maybe you have a soft spot for cheese-stuffed-crust pizza that mostly comes along with three kinds of cheese and a side-dish of sauce as an accompaniment. Whichever way that you choose to look at it, Cheese Pizza is without a doubt both the bane and boon of the modern snacking culture. In fact, it is widely considered a cuisine taboo for a fully-grown adult to crave this palate-enticing delicacy. But still, forbidden fruit tastes sweetest, and this makes cheese pizza even more tempting particularly in the pizza-consuming domain.

The Perfect Pizza?

A perfect ideal piece of cheese pizza is devoid of toppings. We are not surprised - toppings are overrated. If anything, the most overrated part of the perfect pizza equation. A simple restraint can catapult you to imaginable heights, and the cheese pizza is a delicious testament of this. Well, we are not saying that pizza toppings are necessarily a nuisance. Some like pepperoni, Boboli crusts, anchovies, and sausage actually do a lot to spice up an otherwise bland half-baked, mediocre pizza.

A Toppings-free Pizza

Nonetheless, cheese pizza is in a league of its own. Whether it is the best or not; that it pretty much debatable. One thing remains indisputable, though. Every time you order that 'average' awful pizza that it is not cheese pizza, the cheese is usually grossly overwhelmed by the unwelcome avalanche of haphazard toppings. Regardless of whether it is pepperoni or the milky mozzarella, toppings have a queer way of taking away the magic allure of this Italian bred delicacy. It is only in plain cheese pizza that there is an undiluted flavor epiphany made up of just sauce, crust, and cheese. And this flavor can only be revealed if it is unobstructed by the regular clumsy interlopers in the name of toppings.

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