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When Life Gives You Lemon Bars

No meal is ever complete without a helping of yummy desserts. In fact after having the main course, no matter how delicious it may be, we always wait for, and always keep some place in our stomach reserved for desserts. This is something Surf Rider Pizza Café is completely aware of, and thereby it created a list of the most delicious desserts to fulfill your sweet cravings.

Cheesecakes available in many flavors, cream cheese brownies, carrot cake cookies, coconut bars, cupcakes, and macaroons. Fresh fruit tarts, pies, rum cakes, gluten free and vegan desserts and a lot more. This is what is waiting for you to devour on at the Surf Rider Pizza. But, a dessert that we have not mentioned yet, and which is the most popular item at the Surf Rider Pizza is the lemon bars.

Lemon bars are one of the desserts that are not so commonly offered elsewhere, might not be too popular with people, and might look like a very simple, ordinary thing. However, once it enters your mouth, these little yellowish golden bars are sure to work their magic. In fact, their beauty is in their simplicity.

Yes, lemon bars are very easy to make and many bakeries have their own version, but Surf Rider Pizza bakery has come up with a recipe, a preparation that no one can beat. It tastes so different from elsewhere, so perfect, so delicious, that it will not be possible for you to stop after eating one. Have this awesome dessert bite only if you are ready to keep eating more and more, as this is something that is sure to happen.

Even if you have no sweet tooth, these lemon bars can easily make you a fan... At least the lemon bars served at the Surf Rider Pizza Café can!  So, visit Surf Rider Pizza, located in Ocean Beach SD, try our pizzas, end it with a helping of the delicious lemon bars, and fall in love.

Surf & Stone Brewery!

Craft beer is something that should be enjoyed in a particular setting for the best results and no one understands this better than Surf Rider Pizza Café. As a place that provides the essential East Coast flavor to a pizza place, the same establishment carries a range of local craft beers. But, because of the dedication and attention to detail that marks Surf Rider Pizza offering, as well as any other thing on the menu, the choice of beer is anything but standard or boring. Instead, it offers a chance for any beer aficionado to enjoy their visit with all of their senses.

To make sure the same is achieved, the restaurant’s beer tap system carries more than 10 craft beer brands, all full of distinct tastes and a whole lot of personality. In the selection, Stone Brewery is one of the most prominent choices for any guest. Established in 1996 in San Marcos, CA, it is one of the biggest craft breweries in the southern part of the state, while it ranks in the top 10 out of all similar companies in the US. The company offers several spectacular lines of their product and all of them go fabulously with one or more pizza offered by the Surf Rider’s kitchen.

Probably the most famous beer by Stone Brewery is Stone Pale Ale, which blends perfectly with the Bacon Rider pizza. This dish comes with plenty of garlic, gorgonzola, white sauce, and of course bacon, which is why a cold pale ale will improve the taste immeasurably. On the other hand, a lot milder Feta Veggie Special made with feta sauce, black olives, and green peppers will mix brilliantly with Stone Cali-Belgique IPA, a stronger line from the Stone Brewery. Finally, the Stone Delicious IPA has to be tried with Cheese Surf Rider Pizza, which will provide the quintessential East Coast no-nonsense pizza and beer experience.

With these options, but also many more ones, it is clear why anyone who appreciates a nice pint of craft beer would just love Surf Rider Pizza Café.

Source: Stone Brewing

The Fresh Basil Pesto & Ricotta Pie

If you ever find yourself in Ocean Beach and you don't know where to eat, then we have the best solution for you. At Surf Rider Pizza Cafe we offer thin crusted, custom-made pizza. Even though we have a large menu, containing the best East Coast Style pizza, we are always open to any suggestions and if you want something special on it, we will be more then happy to customize it for you. If you just want to taste our specialties, then you could choose from a wide range of tasty pizza, made by the finest cooks in the East Coast.

Surf Rider Pizza Cafe was founded with the intention of bringing the best east coast pizza to San Diego. What can be better than a slice of freshly baked pizza, after a long surfing session on Ocean Beach, or even after a long walk in which you admired the amazing landscapes. We also have some unique types of pizza, that you'll never find anywhere else. Our most popular is the Fresh Basil Pesto & Ricotta Pie. Made with a soft thin crust, and with carefully selected ingredients like; red sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella from fresh milk and with a fresh basil pesto sprinkled on top, this is your perfect choice even if you're vegan or not.

The Fresh Basil Pesto & Ricotta Pie is also our pizza of the month. Most of our clients are asking for it, and they are so delighted with it that they return a second or a third time, to enjoy it again. It might be because we are baking it using a unique recipe and you won't find it anywhere else. Or it's just because the fresh ingredients and the fact that we're using only the most aromatic herbs in the world. At Surf Rider Pizza Cafe you will find a large menu, with a friendly personnel, ready to fulfill any of your demands and to bake you the most tasteful pizza you've ever eaten.

At Surf Rider Pizza Cafe, Pizza is an Art

Go Greek in O.B.

When it comes to salads, no other cafe or restaurant in Ocean Beach can beat Surf Rider Pizza Cafe. Our eatery boasts full salads made with all fresh, natural ingredients.

Our cafe's salad menu is a diverse one! You can choose from Greek Salad, Spinach Chicken Salad, Surf Side Salad and Chicken Caesar. They can serve them as appetizers or main courses.

Our Greek Salad is a customer favorite, and if you haven’t tried it you are missing out! It is amazingly tasty with Romaine, tomatoes, feta, green peppers, black olives, fresh basil, roasted garlic and roasted red peppers.

If you are in O.B., you should make Surf Rider Pizza Cafe your next dining spot and grab our Greek Salad! In addition to the salads, you can eat other delicious foods such as pizza, sandwiches, desserts and Stromboli. There is also a hand-curated crafted beer selection offering the finest local brews.

And it is not all about the foods! Surf Rider Pizza Cafe offers incredible atmosphere with its attractive decor and breezy environment. So when you want to grab some delicious and satisfying salads in San Diego, just stop into Surf Rider Pizza Cafe (2163 Abbott Street, Ocean Beach, CA 92107).

Source: Wikipedia

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